CCA Andtratx Residency Application

CCA Andtratx Residency Application

Dear CCA Andratx,

I am writing to apply for the Artist-in-Residence Program at your esteemed institution, presenting my project titled "Dark Geometry." This series of medium to large size paintings delves into the captivating interplay of darkness, geometric forms, and vibrant colors.

The inspiration behind "Dark Geometry" emerges from a deep fascination with the enigmatic qualities of geometry, transcending its mathematical precision to evoke emotions and intrigue. Through this series, I aim to unravel the mysteries hidden within shadows and invite viewers into a captivating visual dialogue.

Each painting features bold black squares as prominent focal points, symbolizing the unknown and beckoning viewers to explore their depths. These geometric forms are juxtaposed against complex backgrounds that reveal obscured layers, evoking curiosity and engaging viewers in an immersive experience. By carefully balancing vibrant colors and precise forms, I seek to enhance the visual impact of each composition.

Participating in the Artist-in-Residence Program at CCA Andratx would provide an invaluable opportunity for further development and refinement of the "Dark Geometry" series. I am eager to explore new techniques, experiment with diverse artistic approaches, and deepen the narrative within my artworks. Through the creation of medium to large size paintings, I aspire to evoke contemplation, stir emotions, and contribute to the ongoing discourse in abstract art.

I am grateful for your kind consideration of my application. The prospect of collaborating with fellow artists and immersing myself in the vibrant artistic community at CCA Andratx is tremendously exciting, offering an ideal environment for artistic growth and exploration.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to the possibility of contributing to the artistic dialogue at CCA Andratx through the "Dark Geometry" residency project.


Yours sincerely, Alex Kuznetsov

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