The whole process of making paintings like this is so deeply connected with failure, with that in mind there are some pieces you got great lengths to create that just don't work in the end and will never be seen by anyone.

If I don't make these paintings, then I absolutely know that nobody else will; and that to me just seems wrong and compels me to move forward with next the piece.

[09/08/16 19:27:40]
Alex K: if the piece failed is it deserve to be stored or destroyed?

Alexander James: it is the creators choice; not good enough. hit or miss - why should a miss ever be seen.
AJ: to discredit the artist. 

AK: sometimes what means nothing for you for someone might be more important, like the ugly piece in the corner but sold.
AJ: sure - go hang one of your bad pieces in MOMA.
AJ: see how you feel.

AJ: if I frame it - it is not ugly as I committed to the frame.
AJ: there are thousands that have never reached the frame
AJ: it might be ugly in the frame; a bad frame but this is it

Alex K: agreed

AJ: so the text is correct
Alex K: axioma

AJ: the truth cannot be changed
AJ: like this - it is written

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