In the urban environment where I live, there is no skyline. Sometimes it is necessary to calm down and take a breath. For several years I have been watching the horizons of Belarusian fields, usually from a car window. They have many lines and dynamics, with its primary static character. Perhaps due to the fact that in these lines and the direction of movement there is much in common with my painting, recently fields, stripes of forest and sky began to unfold in my mind. I began to see the picture differently, as a collection of interconnected masses of color in space located along an imaginary line. It is enough to draw a horizontal line on the plane so that our imagination can start looking for a perspective. This is what I am doing now: I create a line of a nonexistent horizon on the format and through color, as well as the plasticity of the material, studying the effect on perception and association. 

The horizon line, wherever it is, gives support, both within and for further observation of the development of the picture or situation.

Generally, if you look at an empty wall, and then draw a horizontal line along it, we will be fascinated by looking at it, which is never possible with an empty wall. ⠀⠀

In ordinary urban life, take a person out of the city and show him the horizon, he will calm down and feel the inner meaning. So in my new series I mark the horizon for myself and observe how it changes the perception of color and shape in the picture.

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