Collection: Macro

Macro Painting Series

The idea of photographic enlargement is not a new one, but it's potential to capture the transparent state of a painting while the paint is still in effect wet is often overlooked. Using modern macro photographic techniques of minute details of a painting still in liquid flow allows for a completely different perception of the work, enlarging the scale by multiples up to 50 times, the outcome becomes simply astonishing. I have been working on this experimental idea for a long time and have now found a way to implement it within my process. The works presented in this series are made with paint and a camera, each as a material tool in the artist's hand, retracing the original work in larger scales becoming an individual discovery in their own right.

Twenty years of print making experience gives me an understanding of production. To present these works while achieving archival standards, I have chosen museum Diasec with attributed conservation paper ensuring these works match those of museums around the world. This use of Diasec with conservation paper guarantees the work as light fast for over 100 years, achieving incredible depth with an acrylic gloss lamination.

Classical artist tools, paint and new technology, every piece is a limited edition and each is signed verso.

What is Diasec?

Diasec is the worlds most established and quality proven face-mounting process and was the first system that allowed photographs to be bonded directly and permanently to Acrylic sheet.

Photographs, either C-type prints or inkjet prints are mounted to high exhibition standards without borders and eliminate the need for a traditional picture frame.

Fine Art inkjet papers mounted with Diasec too! It is possible to mount ISO 9706 papers with acrylic, especially papers that are acid and OBA free.

Diasec® is a worldwide Trade Mark registered by Diasec-Sovilla S.A. in Switzerland, who developed the technique in 1969.